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Edge Restraint Tape

Edge Restraint Tape from Associated Gaskets is a special form of electrical tape used during the tensioning of bands on armatures and rotors. This highly flexible, high strength tape is manufactured in-house by AG and can be produced using a range of raw material combinations. The most common construction involes the used of electrical grade braided fibreglass cord which is wrapped, sewn and fully encapsulated in woven fibreglass tape.

The final product (using this construction) is used in electrical applications rated up to 220ºC and combines excellent conformability and ease of handling with good dielectric strength. Since Edge Restraint Tape is produced in-house, almost infinite sizes are possible with the only limitations being diameter of the insulating rope and available widths of tape. That said, the most common sizes usually range between 3mm Ø bulb with a 75mm (wide) tail and 9mm Ø bulb with a 75mm tail.

Edge Restraint Tape, sometimes known as HyperEdge, Edging Tape, Welded Edge Tape or Electrical Grade Tadpole Tape, is usually supplied in 50mtr rolls though AG can provide custom length rolls on request.

For more information on this high-quality electrical tape, please contact your local AG branch or sales representative.