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Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape is a specialised insulation tape that exhibits excellent flexibility and high strength. When wrapped around an object and heated, Dunstone shrinks in the lengthwise direction to apply compressive pressure to the wrapped object(s). Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape combines excellent physical attributes with good chemical resistance, outstanding heat aging characteristics and the ability to maintain compressive force without relaxation.

The unique combination of benefits offered by Dunstone Hi-Shrink has led to it being utilised in a wide range of applications for the consolidating, compacting, compressing, debulking, banding, shaping or forming or an assortment of different materials and shapes. Generally, this tape is removed after application and is not reusable.

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Tape begins to shrink at around 65ºC and has been utilised in applications up to 180ºC, though it achieves maximum shrink force at 150ºC. In electric motor applications, this temperature point is of real benefit as it leads Dunstone to apply maximum compressive force just as most resins are beginning to flow. This allows for effective compaction of the resin, elimination of air voids and results in the provision of a smooth surface finish.

Available Sizes

AG carries Dunstone in 0.002” (0.05mm) thick, 91.4mtr long rolls with a width of either 25mm or 50mm as standard. Other sizes and specialised grades can be provided upon request.

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