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Ceramic Bulk Fibre

Ceramic Bulk Fibre is a high temperature, loose form insulation capable of a high grade of thermal insulation performance at high temperatures. Representing ceramic fibre in its base form, these low “shot” content (un-fiberised), highly efficient thermal insulation fibres are suited for use in a variety of applications. AG’s Bulk Ceramic Fibre offers very low heat storage and low thermal conductivity coupled with excellent resistance to thermal shock.

The maximum operating temperature of our standard grade of Ceramic Bulk Fibre is 1260ºC (other, Zirconia based refractory fibres are also available with higher temperature resistance) which allows it to be used in a wide range of industrial insulation applications. These include as packing in custom made expansion joints and insulation blankets, sealing around penetrations in furnace and boiler walls, and for the filling of voids in roofs and walls of furnaces and kilns.

Available Sizes

AG offers our Ceramic Bulk Fibre in 10kg bags as standard, though other sizes are available upon request.

In addition to offering the bulk fibre, we also make use of this excellent insulation material in the fabrication of many of our custom thermal insulation components and would be happy to assist with the manufacture of a custom solution designed for your application.