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Ceramic Blanket and Batt

One of the most commonly requested forms of thermal insulation, AG is proud to offer a large and diverse range of Ceramic Blanket and Batt which are used for insulation in applications reaching 1400ºC (1260ºC for the standard grade) . Manufactured from long ceramic fibres, these various grades of blanket / batt have been carefully selected to provide resilient and long-lasting thermal insulation in a range of environments.

All of AG’s various grades of ceramic blankets offer the same exceptional resistance to chemical attack (with the exception of hydrofluoric or phosphoric acid and strong alkalis) whilst also resisting oxidation and reduction. If they are wet by water or steam both thermal and physical properties return upon drying.

White in colour, ceramic fibre blankets are used in a wide variety of applications including the insulation of kilns, furnaces, boilers and domestic cooking equipment as well as for the wrapping of large sections of pipe or in the production of high temperature gaskets. AG has also often employed ceramic fibre blanket as a filler material when constructing customised expansion joints, thermal covers, blankets or heat shields.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 13mm through to 50mm as standard, the various grades of ceramic insulation blanket offered by AG are also available in different densities to suit various applications. This highly efficient insulator can also be supplied with custom facing (e.g. aluminium foil or adhesive backing) when required.