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Aramid Insulation Tape

Manufactured from high purity Aramid fibre, AG’s Aramid thermal insulation tapes offer high strength and excellent resistance to abrasion whilst still being lightweight and easy to handle. Aramid insulation tapes are an excellent option for applications that require a tough, insulating material capable to service in elevated temperatures.

Rated for continuous use in applications ranging from -46ºC through to 340ºC AG’s Aramid tapes are highly flexible, exhibit good mildew, and chemical resistance, though the base fibre is sensitive to UV.  Easily recognised by their yellow colouring, AG’s Aramid insulation tapes are commonly used in applications such as high temperature gaskets and seals, pipe lagging and heat shields.

When employed in these heavy duty applications, our Aramid Insulation Tape provides very long lasting performance. The highly durable aramid fibres combined with a tight and precision controlled weaving method means that you can be certain of highly reliable, consistent performance.

Another known application for these high quality thermal tapes is as a wick in fire twirling equipment. AG’s brand of aramid insulation tape excels in this application as it can be tightly wound and applied and offers a long service life as a direct result of the high purity aramid fibres used in its construction.

Available Sizes

AG stocks these remarkable insulation tapes in a range of thicknesses and widths that can be further modified if it suits your requirements.  Standard thicknesses include 0.8mm, 1.6mm and 3mm while standard widths include 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 75mm (amongst others). Roll length is 30mtrs.

These tapes may also be used instead of or in conjunction with our Aramid cloth that is manufactured from the same base material and offers many of the same benefits as our Aramid insulation tape.