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Anti-Condensate Heater Cables

Anti-Condensate Heater Cables are short, inexpensive lengths of insulation sleeving with element wiring running through the middle. These cables are primarily used on electric motors and apparatus that are installed in wet or damp conditions where moisture build-up is a potential hazard.

When utilised, they provide an easily fitted, low cost option for maintaining a motor above “dew point” and reducing the possibility of moisture related insulation breakdown.

Anti-Condensate Heater Cables are ties into position on the head winding of a motor. The winding and heater are then varnished so that the heater becomes an integrated part of the motor. Anti-condensate heaters should be disconnected whilst the motor is energised as the heat produced by an operating motor will keep the temperature above “dew point”. Usually, this involves the installation of a change-over contact on the starter relay.

Available Sizes

AG offers our Anti-Condensate Heater Cables in 10 different voltage ratings as standard with other, custom sizes and voltages available upon request. For more information on the full range available, don’t hesitate to contact your local AG branch.

Type mm ins. Watts
00b 203 8 8
0b 305 12 25
1b 432 17 26
2b 686 27 21
3b 686 27 40
4b 762 30 26
5b 1016 40 42
6b 1067 42 54
7b 1473 58 65
8b 1702 67 99


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