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3M Scotch 23 Electrical Tape

3M Scotch 23 Electrical Tape is a highly conformable, self-fusing tape with excellent electrical properties. It is a high strength insulation tape designed to simultaneously protect and insulate electrical connections and conductors.

This tape is manufactured from a ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) base, is non-vulcanising and utilised in cable splicing and termination applications with temperatures up to 130ºC.

Scotch™ 23 Tape is used for the insulation of low voltage applications as well as insulation of cable splices up to 69kV. Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulation, this tape can also serve as jacketing on high voltage splices and terminations, for the moisture sealing of electrical connections, bus bar insulation and end sealing high voltage cables.

3M Scotch 23 electrical tape is 0.76mm thick and displays excellent elongation and conformability. This allows for easy application to tight bends and turns, a smooth surface finish and the construction of a solid dielectric layer. It is supplied with a special polyester liner which will not shrink to the tape upon unwind; making for easy application.

Available Sizes

AG offers 3M™ Scotch™ 23 Self Bonding Tape in 19mm and 25mm wide x 9mtr long varieties as standard with other widths and lengths available upon request.

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