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3M Bumpon Tape SJ-5800 Series

3M Bumpon Tape SJ-5800 Series is a resilient material manufactured from a combination of polyurethane sheet and an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. Black/Brown in colour (with a white release paper), SJ-5800 Bumpon Tape utilises 3M’s R-30 natural rubber adhesive which exhibits good adhesion to a range of surfaces and materials.

SJ-5800 Series Bumpon has a listed hardness of 70 Shore A, exhibits good resistance to a range of fluids and chemicals and carries a UL94HB flammability listing. In addition to those mentioned already, 3M Bumpon Tape SJ-5800 Series exhibits a variety of different benefits and features. These include:

  • The ability to be cut to a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Excellent skid resistance with a high coefficient of friction
  • Excellent resistance to marring or staining
  • Long term performance – will not crack or harden
  • Excellent cushioning properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Vibration and shock dampening
  • Easy to apply with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing

Given its outstanding allround performance and versatility, the SJ-5800 series of 3M Bumpon Tape is utilised in a variety of different applications. Some examples of these include:

  • Die cut circles, shapes or squares to serve as skid resistant stoppers on equipment (e.g. computers, monitors, etc…)
  • Cut gaskets
  • Skid resistant floor surface
  • Cushions or spacers within electronic devices
  • Masking product for sandblasting
  • Anti-chafe protection
  • Door kick pads
  • Corner protection strips

3M Bumpon Tape SJ-5800 Series can be provided in sheet, roll or cut component form by AG. Custom size components can be either knife or die cut either of which will result in highly accurate components designed to perfectly match your application. Standard thicknesses of this material (along with their corresponding number) are listed below with other, custom thicknesses also available upon request.

SJ-5832 – 0.8mm
SJ-5816 – 1.6mm
SJ-5808 – 3.2mm

Bumpon™ is a registered trademark of 3M