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3M 425 Aluminium Foil Tape

3M 425 Aluminium Foil Tape is manufactured from a 0.07mm thick dead soft aluminium foil backing with a transparent acrylic adhesive (total tape thickness is 0.12mm). The shiny foil provides excellent reflection of both heat and light whilst the acrylic adhesive is ideal for achieving long bonds on both indoor and outdoor applications. 3M 425 Tape is flame resistant and has a very low moisture vapour transmission rate which makes it a good sealant.

3M Aluminium Foil Tape is used as a general purpose heat reflector and heat dissipater as well as for aircraft paint stripping masking applications and the repair of tears on truck trailers and aircraft. It can also be used to hold wires and cooling coils in appliances or to form a moisture barrier around components.

N.B. 3M 427 Aluminium Foil Tape serves the same purpose as 425 Tape but comes with a release liner.

Available Sizes

3M Aluminium Foil Tape is available in 55mtr long rolls as standard. We do offer this tape in a number of standard widths (listed below) while our full tape customisation and conversion service means we can provide this tape in custom widths to suit your individual application.

Standard Widths of 425 Tape