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357 Nashua Gaffer Tape

357 Nashua Gaffer Tape is the industry standard gaffer tape because of its reliable performance. This high quality tape is manufactured from polyethylene coated cloth combined with a heavy duty rubber based adhesive that sticks to just about any surface.

357 Nashua Gaffer Tape offers outstanding tensile strength and releases clean from the roll for easy application without de-lamination. 357 Gaffer Tape can be torn by hand and will resist curving during application. This heavy duty, tough and wear resistant product provides reliable performance in a wide range of temperatures and different environments.

357 Nashua Gaffer Tape is usually used for covering lighting, audio or power cables to they do not present any trip hazard but it can also be used anywhere a tough, strong and highly adhesive tape is required.

Standard Sizes

The most commonly requested (and stocked) size of 357 Nashua Gaffer Tape offered by AG is our 48mm Wide X 25Mtrs Rolls (Black). This size is available as a single roll or in larger box quantities depending on your requirements.

In addition, the following sizes and colours are also available if required though some may be subject to minimum order quantities.

Colour Width Length
Silver 24mm 40Mtrs
Silver 48mm 40Mtrs
Silver 72mm 40Mtrs
Black 48mm 25Mtrs
Black 24mm 40Mtrs
Black 48mm 40Mtrs
Black 72mm 40Mtrs
Black 96mm 40Mtrs
White 24mm 40Mtrs
White 48mm 40Mtrs

For more information on our 357 Nashua Gaffer Tape, or any other tape in our comprehensive range, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Associated Gaskets branch.