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105 Premium Grade Cloth Tape

105 Premium Grade Cloth Tape is a high quality tape manufactured from polyethylene coated rayon cloth coated on one side with a natural rubber adhesive. Available in a wide range of colours (listed below), this tape exhibits high tensile strength, sealability and conformability.

The natural rubber adhesive used on this tape allows it to adhere well to most surfaces whilst the cloth backing conforms to irregular and complex shapes. This enables 105 Premium Grade Cloth Tape to be used in waterproofing and sealing applications where it displays good performance.

0.3mm thick, 105 Premium Grade Cloth Tape is used in environments where temperatures are not expected to be over 60ºC. This tape has a tensile strength rating of 7kg / cm and an elongation at break of just 10%.

Typical applications for 105 Premium Grade Cloth Tape include:
  • Bookbinding and repairing of books and folders
  • Colour coding of cables and other items
  • Temporary repairs and waterproofing of tarpaulins and other sheetings
  • Waterproofing and sealing of joints, sheets or liners
Available Sizes

105 Premium Grade Cloth Tape is available from AG in sizes slit to your exact requirement (maximum roll width is 1300mm). Our in-house slitting facilities allow us to offer precision converted tapes in whatever width best suits your application.

Available Colours