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Graphite Gasket Materials

Graphite is one of the most popular materials used for sealing in high temperature environments. A naturally occurring mineral and allotrope of carbon, in it’s pure form graphite is soft and can handle temperatures of up to 600ºC. Over 50 years ago, the Union Carbide corporation developed flexible graphite which is the main form of graphite used today in sealing applications.

Although much more stable than pure graphite, flexible graphite on its own is still very soft and brittle which is why it is often coupled with other materials to bind it together and make it more suitable for individual applications.

To help you find the graphite gasket material that is right for your high temperature sealing application, we have put together this page which covers most of the forms available and what they are used for. Each section also contains links to follow for technical data and further information.

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AG is pleased to offer a range of graphite laminates from SGL carbon. Recognized worldwide for their ultra-high purity graphite, these laminates excel at high temperature sealing in environments of up to 500ºC. In order to cover the full range of applications graphite laminate may be required, AG stocks a range of different grades.

The most popular of these is most certainly our Sigraflex Universal Tanged Graphite Laminate. This grade combines high-purity graphite with a tanged stainless steel binder to offer a material with excellent heat resistance but also increased mechanical strength which otherwise would not be possible without it’s tanged construction. Other grades in this range include Sigraflex Hochdruck, a laminate bound with multiple layers of stainless steel, designed for sealing in high pressure applications and

For more information on these two grades of graphite laminates, click the links below to check out their product page.



AG stocks an impressive range of compressed fibre graphite sheets from a range of different manufacturers. These sheets utilize graphite fibres bound with a special blend of syntheic fibres which give them superior performance in applications with elevated temperatures of around 300ºC. Being a compressed fibre however, these sheets are much more resistant to damage than other forms of graphite and can be used with a wide range of chemical s and media, making them a popular universal sealing solution.

Grades in this range include the popular Topgraph 2000 Jointing and the wire reinforced Topgraph 2008.  C4500 is a similar material that uses carbon fibres and a NBR binder which performs well in high temperature alkaline media applications and with superheated steam.

Click the links below to find out more about each product on their individual product pages.



Graphite is the most popular filler material used in the manufacture of spiral wound gaskets. Each AG branch holds a large amount of standard size graphite filled spirals available to be shipped same day or picked up if required. Some style options include type W (winding and filler only), type WR (winding and filler with outer ring) and type WRI (winding and filler with inner and outer ring). Custom sizes are also available on request.

Graphite filled spiral wound gaskets are strong and stable and are easily installed and removed. The flexible graphite filler provides a highly effective sealing element that is resistant to many chemicals and oils and they can be utilized in applications with high pressures.

For more information on Spiral Wound Gaskets, we recommend taking a look at our e-brochure by clicking the link below.


AG stocks a huge range of gland packing containing graphite and also carbon fibres. Some grades are manufactured completely from high purity graphite yarns such as our Marigold 5000 packing which is utilized in high temperature applications where as others are constructed with additional fibres and reinforcements including PTFE (Marigold 8200BIL) carbon fibre yarn (Marigold 4000G) and Inconel wire (Marigold 5000I) which give them special properties to suit a range of individual applications.

AG also has decades of experience manufacturing preformed graphite packing rings in a range of custom sizes. Contact us today to find out exactly how we can help you.

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With our enormous range of gasket materials, large stock holdings, diverse fabrication facilities and the experience needed to understand critical lead times and applications, we feel confident we can assist all of your sealing requirements.

If you would like help tracking down a particular material, or futher technical data that is not available on our website; please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.