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Weicon Dispensing Equipment & Accessories

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Not only does Weicon deliver an industry leading range of technical liquids designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications. They also provide a complementary range of premium dispensing equipment and accessories which like all products in the Weicon range are made to the highest quality standards.

WPS 1500 Pump Dispensor

For spraying large amounts of liquid, this high-quality, hand-held dispenser is the right choice! Fill it with up to 1.5 litres of your chosen liquid and pump the sturdy lever to build pressure. Then simply adjust the nozzle to your desired flow and use the trigger to spray. The WPS 1500 has been manufactured using only high-grade materials and because of this, it is designed to be reused over and over! Extension nozzle and replacement seal accessories are also available.

WSD 400 Pressurized Air Spray Can

The WSD 400 is a sturdy, refillable spray bottle that can be used to dispense most Weicon technical liquids. Simply fill it with your chosen liquid and then pressurize it with compressed air. Adapters are available to that it can be pressurized from any compressed air duct-work system to between 5 – 10 bar. Compressed air is a safe and non-flammable propellant that allows for a smooth spray application and quick refill time.

Hand-pump Spray Bottle Special

This may look like a standard trigger-action spray bottle, however it has been manufactured using high-quality industrial grade polymer designed to resist a range of acidic & corrosive media. It also features an adjustable solid brass nozzle which protects it from damage, rust & wear.

Cartridge Gun Standard / Cartridge Gun Special

Weicon Cartridge Guns have been specifically engineered for maximum durability and performance. Designed to suit standard cartridges up to 310ml, these manually-operated guns will ensure you achieve smooth, professional-level results every time. Choose from Weicon Cartridge Gun Standard (for low and medium viscocity dispensing) or Cartridge Gun Special (for medium to high viscosity dispensing).

Two-Part Epoxy Dispenser Pistols

Dispensing Weicon’s large range of easy-mix epoxy adhesives is made easy with Weicon’s Cartridge Dispenser Pistols. Both pistols allow for quick, clean application of your chosen Weicon adhesive and are designed to withstand everyday professional trade use. Dispenser Pistol (with special piston) for Easy-Mix PE-PP can be used to dispense Weicon’s revolutionary polyethylene and polypropylene fusing adhesive, Easy-Mix PE-PP 45. While Dispenser Pistol D 50 can be used to dispense any other Easy-Mix cartridge adhesive in the Weicon range.

Dispensing Equipment Parts & Accessories

Because all the items in Weicon’s range of dispensing equipment are designed to last, AG can also provide a range of optional accessories and replacement parts. These include a 30cm extension nozzle for the WPS 1500 Pump Dispensor, a range of alternative nozzles and adaptors for the WSD 400 as well as spare dispensing nozzles for cartridge adhesives. Many of these can be seen in the video above, however if you require a particular replacement part for your Weicon Dispenser, contact us today!

Technical Liquids for Industrial Repair & Maintenance

AG also stocks Weicon’s complete range of high performance Technical Liquids for a range of different applications. These include Surface & Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Cleaning Agents & Degreasers, Protection & Care Fluids, Solvents & Release Agents, Lubricating & Multi-functional Oils and more.

Cleaning and Degreasing Technical Liquids

Cleaners and Degreasers

Lubrication, Care and Maintenance Technical Liquids

Lubrication, Care 
& Maintenance

Release and Separating Technical Liquids

Release &

Surface and Anti-Corrosion Coatings Technical Liquids

Surface Protection
& Anti-Corrosion