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Epoxy Resin Putty for Balancing Electric Motors

Weicon Epoxy Resin Putty Balancing Electric Motor

When we found out one of the highest-selling products from our Weicon line was none other than Epoxy Resin Putty, we became curious to know what our customers were using it for. After all, there are so many uses for this universal repair epoxy. It can be used to repair, fix, […]

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Silica Insulation Cloth for High Heat Applications

Refrasil Insulation Cloth

Refrasil High Temperature Silica Insulation Cloths are thin, woven textiles manufactured from high quality silica fibres (>96% silica content). This gives them the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, making them perfect for use as use for a range of insulation applications. All Refrasil Cloths have good resistance to oxidization, […]

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What type of gasket should I use?

Assorted Gaskets Thumb

When faced with the task of selecting a gasket for any particular application, the amount of styles, materials, sizes and options on the market can make the job extremely difficult for the inexperienced of us. With gaskets being an essential component of all different types of equipment, vehicles and machinery […]

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Dealing with Abrasion – Impact and Wear Protection Epoxies

Plastic Metal Ceramic BL being painted on to a centrex cone

Abrasion – An unavoidable nuisance In the mechanical world, Abrasion is an often unavoidable occurrence that can cause headaches for owners, repairers and operators of all forms of plant equipment, vehicles and machinery. Abrasion may occur for many reasons including constant wear, erosion, scraping, rubbing, stripping or any other action that […]

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Our New Non-Destructive Crack Testing Agent Spray Kit

Available now from AG, our new Weicon Crack Testing Agent Spray Kit represents a fast, reliable way to locate potential cracks or fissures in a wide range of materials. This 3-part spray kit works by way of a colour penetration test which highlights any issues with the material surface without […]

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Our Metal Shim and Metal Plate Range

For decades, Associated Gaskets has been supplying a wide range of metal shim stock and metal plate. Whether as standard, 6 inch shim, extra wide sheets or in a wide variety of custom made parts. With a name like ours, most people don’t exactly think of us when it comes […]

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Could Ceramic Insulation Paper Solve Your Temperature Woes?

Ceramic Fibre Paper Glass; Thermal Insulation;

One of the main problems generally encountered when searching for a high temperature insulation material is that in order to withstand elevated temperatures, a trade-off is usually made with mechanical strength resulting in materials that are brittle, porous, fibrous and generally difficult to handle. If these properties are what are […]

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